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Project Description
Silverlight Slideshow is a light-weight and fully functional image slideshow built using Silverlight 1.0.

  • Support for many slide transition types
  • Smart image scaling and full screen mode
  • Slides defined in external XML file with support for paging. Allows for smooth integration with 3rd party image providers (like Flickr, Picasa, etc).
  • Fast start-up and advanced memory management based on paging, image preloading and unloading. Capable of handling extreme large slideshows containing up to 250,000(!) images.
  • Customizable look & feel
  • Proper progress reporting and error handling
  • Small download; uncompressed JScript sources take ~50KB.
  • Multi-platform support. Thanks to Silverlight, the slideshow runs in Internet Explorer, Firefox and even on the Mac! IE and Firefox usage has been thorougly tested. Since I don't own a Mac, I'm not sure how it behaves on that platform. If you have any issues, please let me know!

Visit the Silverlight Slideshow page on my personal site and watch the demos to get an idea of what this Slideshow is capable of.

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